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  • Is there a certain age I have to be to fly?

No, but if you are under 16, we will need to have a guardian fill out the paperwork. People of all ages enjoy the freedom of flying tandem.




  • Do I have to be physically fit to be a passenger?

During take off and landings, you are required to run a little bit, so some physical fitness is required. Flying tandem needs the co-operation of the pilot and the passenger to take off.



  • Is there a weight restriction for the passenger?

Yes. The passenger must weight no less than 20kg and no more than 110kg


  • How do we launch and take-off?

At the take off point, attached to your pilot you will run down a slope until you are airborne. Paragliding does not require you to jump off a cliff edge or out of a plane.

  • How do we land?

Landing is easy and only requires you to walk or run slowly once your feet have touched down. Landings are generally soft and steady.

  • Can the passenger fly the paraglider?

Yes. Condition permitting, the passenger can take control of the paraglider with the security of having a professional pilot on-board. The Tandem pilot will Launch and Land and guide the paraglider at all times.


  • Can we fly every day?

No. This is a weather permitting sport. If the winds aren't cooperating, we wont be able to fly on that particular day. If this is the case, we will either rebook our flight for another day, or you will be given ful refund on your money.

  • Can we fly in groups?

Yes. Twin Paragliding has sevral Certified Tandem Instructors available to take groups of people flying at the same time. This is a great way to experience this incredible sport. We offer group rates!

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